Hello. I’m a dad of 3 girls, business owner and wannabe outdoors type. I’m a big fan of the likes of of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls but the fact is the closest I ever get to doing what these survival guys do is going on family camping trips or watching them from a comfy sofa on TV. Sound familiar?

If like me the great outdoors is more about spending time with your mates, loved ones and the randoms you meet on the way rather than pushing yourself to extremes then this blog could be for you. It’s a much about the importance of finding a half decent pub in the vacinity of the campsite as it is to know about fire lighting techniques or being aware of the latest camping gizmo.

The Outdoor Way will offer a take on the outdoors for the modern man trapped by the working week and consigned to getting back to nature only when the sun is shining and it fits in with the trappings of family life.